Composting Toilet

Five Top-Rated Composting Toilets Reviewed

Composting Toilet

If you enjoy the outdoors or have a cabin in the woods, a composting toilet is the best choice for you. These toilets are specifically intended to be used in areas that are off the grid, out in the country, and don’t require a water connection. Whether you enjoy being in the woods simply for a brief vacation or you escape from the city life for long periods of time, composting toilet reviews will be of great help for you. These toilets can also be used on RVs and are perfect for long road trips.

With a composting toilet, you are able to dump it on your own and can save money by avoiding a utility bill. Although the best composting toilets can be expensive, the amount of money you save over the long time make it worth the price. They also are a great environmental choice, as the compost can be used as fertilizer in a garden or farm setting.

If you want to save money and have a reliable toilet for your cabin, a composting toilet is the way to go!

Non-Electric Self-Contained Composting Toilet

The Non-Electric Self-Contained Composting Toilet from Sun-Mar is a heavy duty composting toilet. It is geared towards people who are trying to live off the grid. Reviewers have commented that it works incredibly well for individuals who are use it seasonally.

Customers who purchased this composting toilet and used it during summers gave it the best reviews. For those who are looking for something that can be used more regularly, this is not the best choice. It is a larger option, which has pros and cons to it.

One benefit is that you won’t have to dump it is often. The con is that it can be unwieldy and difficult to fix if something breaks. Despite that, some reviewers were pleased with how little maintenance they had to. Occasional fixes will be necessary with any appliance that you use as regularly as the toilet.

Dry Composting Toilet

Nature’s Head offers another high quality composting toilet with the Dry Composting Toilet. One feature that makes this the best composting toilet unique is that it has a crank handle. You are able to use the crank to make sure that the toilet composts its’ waste quickly.

Reviewers with RVs had positive reviews for the ease of use and dumping with this toilet. The reviewers have appreciated that they don’t need to go to a dumping station. They’re able to dump this toilet’s waste on their own. You will generally need to dump it every 2-3 weeks, although that also depends on how much it is used.

Another reason for these positive reviews is that it is a smaller toilet and fits easily within an RV.

Contained Composting Toilet

This Contained Composting Toilet from Nature’s Head is one of the top-rated composting toilets available. It is very light and compact, making it easy to move around. It also features an elongated seat for increased comfort.

The best compost toilets reviews have said that these do not have a reputation for comfort, but this one has been reported by reviewers to feel comfortable and easy to use.

One benefit of purchasing this toilet is that it doesn’t use any water at all. If you’re out in an area without access to water, you will still be able to use this composting toilet.

Reviewers have consistently said that this toilet has little to no odor, even after being used over a long period of time. It is easy to maintain and doesn’t need to be cleaned more than a regular toilet.

The Excel Self-Contained Composting Toilet is another solid composting toilet from Sun-Mar. Sun Mar composting toilet reviews have said that this one is made specifically for high-usage situations, unlike the other Sun-Mar toilet on this list.

Excel Self-Contained Composting Toilet

As with the other Sun-Mar option, this toilet is quite expensive and has its fair share of critics. Reviewers who used it intermittently generally gave it better reviewers than those who used it regularly. Several reviewers mentioned that although the composting toilet encountered problems sooner than they would have hoped, they found the customer service at Sun-Mar to be helpful.

Some of the positive features for this composting toilet is that doesn’t use any water and is environmentally friendly. It is 100% non-polluting. It is an electric composting toilet, which makes it a good choice for cabins and other settings with access to some electricity. This one is the perfect fit for those who don’t want to be completely isolated from society, but still have some connection to modern day amenities.

Biolet Non-electric Waterless Toilet

The Biolet Non-electric Waterless Toilet ends our list of Top-rated composting toilets. This toilet is the best for locations where there is little to no electricity, more likely in hunting camps and rustic cabins. With basic handyman knowledge, this composting toilet is easy to install and takes only a couple of hours.

This composting toilets saves water phenomenally. For easy use, you can just remove the bin when it has been filled and place it further outside for composting. Another bin is then replaced inside the unit for further use. Its capacity is increased by additional bin units.

This composting toilet is the best for those camping out away from the city and trying to live electricity-free.


As you have seen, there are several high quality options with composting toilets. Although the best toilets tend to be expensive, the amount of money you save over several years will make up for it. You also will need to keep in mind that these toilets are great for certain situations. RVers, cabin-goers, and the environmentally conscious will really benefit from having one of the best composting toilets.

You also will need to remember from composting toilets reviews that using them can sometimes be messy. You have to dump them on your own and they are prone to accidents. At the same time, they are great for the environment. You can quite literally take your waste and use it as a type of fertilizer. There is also the environmental upside to them. You don’t waste any water at all and you save the money you would be spending on utilities.

Overall, you can try a composting toilet  or a portable toilet that can make your next RV trip or off the grid vacation more relaxing, cheaper, and hassle free!

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