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Toilets are one of the most used items in any household or workplace. Practically every building has at least one toilet in it. Due to the high usage toilets get, it pays off to purchase your toilets from a reliable and trusted source. When it comes to high quality toilets, Toto is considered to be one of best manufactures. Their brand is synonymous with top of the line bathroom products.

Toto toilet reviews are an indication of how satisfied their customers are.

Toto consistently deliver durable and comfortable toilets. Whether you’re looking for a dual flush toilet, a regular flushing toilet, a bidet toilet seat, or a regular toilet seat, Toto has you covered. They specialize in one or two piece toilets, but they also have various toilet accessories that you can add. Keep on reading our Toto toilets review to find out for yourself why they are so highly rated.

Toto Drake II

We’ll start off our Toto toilets review with the Toto Drake II, their flagship two-piece toilet. The number one rated two-piece toilet on Amazon, the Drake II has earned its spot on the top. It features double cyclone technology to ensure a powerful flush that washes away everything in the toilet bowl. The flush is also much quieter than you’d expect from a toilet designed for powerful flushes.

In fact, its quietness was one reason why many reviewers liked the Drake II.

Many of the Toto Drake II reviews also mentioned that the purchasers were very satisfied with how much water they conserved. The Drake II is a 1.28 gallon per flush toilet, which makes it one of the most energy efficient toilets on the market. At the same time, it doesn’t compromise of flushing power.

Elongated Washlet Bidet Seat

It isn’t just with full toilets that Toto excels. Their Elongated Washlet Bidet Seat is a high-rated bidet seat. When you look at Toto Washlet reviews, you see why it is the number one seller on Amazon for bidet seats. Reviewers had positives to say about how easy it was to install, how comfortable it felt, and how effectively it was at cleansing.

The Toto bidet toilet seat reviews shows that customers were satisfied with this product both as a toilet seat and as a bidet. Both the seat and the bidet come with temperature controls.

You can heat up your toilet seat and the water from the bidet for a comfortable and luxurious experience.

Toto Ultramax II

If you prefer one-piece toilets instead of two-piece, Toto also has one of the top one-piece toilets. The Toto Ultramax II compacts the best that Toto has into a one-piece toilet. The Ultramax II is energy efficient, with 1.28 gallons per flush. It also is designed for optimal comfort and features a universal height that should fit anybody using this toilet.

When you look at the Toto Ultramax II reviews, one comment that reviewers consistently made was that they were impressed with how powerful the flush was.

This is especially impressive given the low gallon per flush. Reviewers also found that it was easy to clean. This is partly due to the Sanagloss glaze inside the bowl that helps keep it stay clean longer.

Toto Drake

The Toto Drake may be the predecessor to the Drake II, but you won’t be compromising on quality if you go with the original one. Our Toto Drake toilet review shows that the Drake I is just a good of a choice as the follow-up. Like the Drake II, this is a two-piece toilet. It has a three-inch flush valve, which is one inch more than most standard toilets.

The extra inch gives the Toto Drake a powerful and fast flush.

Due to having more power, this toilet uses 1.6 gallons per flush. The Toto Drake toilet reviews are full of customers who were pleased with how reliable of a toilet it is and the power of the flush. The original Drake toilet is a symbol of the success that Toto has experienced over the years.

No Toto toilet is complete without the Traditional SoftClose Toilet Seat. Designed to fit the Drake toilets, this toilet seat features SoftClose hinges keep the lid and seat from accidently slamming down. The hinges are also stainless steel, which will prevent rust. These seats are easy to install and don’t require any plumbing experience.

In fact, this ease of installation is something that reviewers have been big fans of.

The seat is also designed to handle heavier weight comfortable. Reviewers mentioned that they found this toilet seats design to be comfortable. A toilet seat doesn’t need to fancy, it just needs to carry your weight and feel comfortable. The Toto Traditional is a no-frill, straightforward toilet seat that works just as well as their other products.


Toto toilet reviews are the best way to learn if a Toto toilet is for you. The best Toto toilets have loyal and happy customers, as you will learn quickly if you look at a Toto toilet review.

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It is difficult to choose the best Toto toilet when you have options like the Drake, the Drake II or the Ultramax II. Whether it is a Toto Drake review or another Toto product, reviewers have consistently considered Toto products to be top of the line.

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