The Best Seat for Your Precious Toilet

best toilet seat

One of the key components to a toilet is the toilet seat. Many customers don’t think about their toilet seat when purchasing a toilet. A toilet seat has a large impact on the comfort and quality of your toilet. It is important to have the best toilet seat you can. This will ensure that your toilet is worth the investment you made with it.

Toilets seats come in various sizes, styles, and shapes. Finding one that fits your toilet and your personal preferences can be a difficult task. Keep on reading to find five of the best toilet seats that will go perfectly with your new toilet.

Ellegantz GenieBidet Elongated Toilet Bidet Seat

The Ellegantz GenieBidet Elongated Toilet Bidet Seat is always at the top of toilet seat bidet reviews. There are many reasons why this top-rated toilet seat/bidet is in such high demand. It is a high-quality toilet seat that fits onto basically all elongated toilets. The toilet seat comes with SoftClose technology intended to avoid your toilet seat slamming down accidently. The hinges enable to seat to slowly and softly close.

The addition of a bidet makes it a great choice to have in your bathroom. The bidet offers an adjustable spray ranging from soft to strong. It also has separate nozzles designed specifically for feminine cleansing. Purchasers of this product loved that the bidet came already attached and that the seat itself was easy to install. Reviewers have also commented that it stays sanitary and is very easy to clean.

Brondell Heated Toilet Seat

The Brondell Heated Toilet Seat is an example of a high-quality and highly comfortable toilet seat. It is always near the top of heated toilet seat reviews. The seat can be heated on three different temperature settings. Another high-tech function for this toilet seat is its LED nightlight. This makes it easier to use at night or for those who are hard of sight.

It is very adaptable and will fit most standard toilets. With its gentle closing seat and lid you don’t have to worry about those accidently slamming shut.

Purchasers of this product found that the extra heat turned their time in the bathroom into a relaxing and luxurious experience. They commented that it was most comfortable on cold days. This was especially true for those living in cold climates. The heated features turn this capable toilet seat into a luxury item.

Solid Wood Toilet Seat

The Solid Wood Toilet Seat from Comfort Seats combines fashion with function. It is made out of oak wood and has a mahogany coloring to it. It has a reputation for being easy to install, despite being a little bit heavier than other toilet seats. Reviewers have been very pleased to find out that the wood is very durable and sturdy. The wood also feels comfortable, making this the best soft toilet seat.

Several reviewers who had Kohler toilets mentioned that it did not fit as well as it should have. However, they also said that it was still a high-quality toilet seat. The wood design also makes this toilet a fashion statement. The mahogany and oak will probably match very well with most cabinets in your bathroom. One other benefit for this toilet seat is that has a one year warranty period.

Kohler Elongated Toilet Seat

The Kohler Elongated Toilet Seat is one of the top-rated toilets seats on the market. It is made out of a unique molded-wood material. Reviewers have said that the molded-wood feels comfortable and is durable. Reviewers have specifically mentioned that this is a sturdy and long-lasting toilet seat from Kohler's Toilets.

It has an elongated shape, but is also designed to fit onto one-piece or two-piece toilets. It is considered to be the most adaptable and best elongated toilet seat available. Due to its traditional style, there are very few toilets that it won’t fit comfortably onto. Another positive feature that customers enjoyed was that this is a very easy toilet seat to install. You can install it fairly quickly on your own. It is also easy to remove when it is time for you to clean your toilet seat.

The Mayfair Molded Wood Toilet Seat is a blend of durability, sturdiness, and fashionable design. It comes with a variation on SlowClose that Mayfair calls Whisper-Close. The toilet seat will close slowly and quietly. The hinges are also Easy-Clean. They are simple to install and to remove when it’s time to clean your toilet seat. This toilet seat is elongated and will fit any type of elongated toilet.

Reviewers have especially enjoyed how easy to install and clean this toilet seat is. You won’t even need pliers or other tools for installation or removal. The Whisper-Close feature also is something that reviewers love about having this toilet seat. Another benefit that reviewers have mentioned is that it has a sleek design and is aesthetically pleasing.


As you’ve gone through these best toilet seat reviews, hopefully you’ve found one that fits with your toilet. Considering how much money toilets cost, you want a toilet seat that is as high quality as your toilet is. Having a great toilet, but a terrible toilet seat, can make it difficult to fully appreciate your toilet. The best toilet seat is complementary to your toilet.

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As you’re considering what toilet seat you want to purchase, keep in mind the size and dimensions of your toilet. You want to find a seat that is compatible with your specific brand of toilet. With all of the toilet seat reviews available online, you should be able to find a seat that fits perfectly with your toilet.

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