best portable toilet

The Best Portable Toilet for Outdoor Adventures

best portable toilet

Portable toilets can seem like a strange concept to some people. However, if you have an isolated cabin, an RV, or have ever been camping with a portable toilet, you know that they can be a lifesaver. When nature calls, having one of these portable toilets can make it easy and comfortable for you to do your business.

Portable toilets and composting toilets are also often eco-friendly and easy to dump after being used contrary to home toilets.

They are particular great for children, older people, or those who are simply uncomfortable answering nature’s call in the midst of nature itself. If you are taking an RV trip, you need one of these portable toilets. They will allow you to fully enjoy your adventure without worrying about dumping a large RV toilet. These portable toilet reviews will help you choose the best portable toilet for you and your next outdoor adventure.

Visa Potty

The Visa Potty from Sanitation Equipment Limited is a comfortable and easy to use portable toilet. It is easy to dump and you can take the bottom part off when it’s time to dump.

Reviewers who have used it on camping trips have found that it was easy to take and set up. With a weight of 11 pounds, it is easy to transport.

Purchasers of this product also had positive reviews for its ability to hold odors and prevent leakage. Many reviewers reported that they could barely detect any odor, even in tight and enclosed spaces. This portable toilet comes in an 18 liter or 24 liter model. Your choice will depend on how much use you think your portable toilet will be getting.

Thetford Porta Potti Curve

The Thetford Porta Potti Curve is a state of the art portable toilet. It has features such as an integrated toilet paper holder, battery-powered flush controls, and a holding tank level indicator. At 10 pounds, it is of average weight for a portable toilet and is easy to transport.

This portable toilet can separate into two parts, making it easy to dump. The holding tank level indicator makes it easy to know when the holding tank is starting to get full.

Reviewers have found that the height of this portable toilet works well for a wide range of people. It also doesn’t leak and contains odors. Reviewers who used this portable toilet for camping especially enjoyed having this portable toilet.

Luggable Loo

The Luggable Loo is the smallest and lightest portable toilet on this list. It is highly rated and possibly the best portable toilet. It has a weight of 3.00 pounds, which is quite a bit less than most other portable toilets. At the same time, it can hold 5-gallons (20 liters) of waste. It’s this combination that many reviewers loved.

The design is incredibly simple, as the Luggable Loo is bucket shaped.

Purchasers of this product who went on hunting trips or on mobile camping trips really enjoyed how easy it was to carry this portable toilet with them. The seat and cover will snap onto to the toilet and can be installed or removed easily. Reviewers have found that this portable toilet was secure and sturdy, even for those of a heavier weight.

Hassock Portable Self-Contained Toilet

The Hassock Portable Self-Contained Toilet is another innovative and easy to use portable toilet. It has a contoured seat, which makes it feel more comfortable. Waste is easy to remove, as it has a removable inner bucket. This portable toilet is another light-weight one, weighing only five pounds. It was designed especially for hunting, boating, camping, and other mobile outdoor activities.

You can line the inner bucket with a regular trash bag or with an Eco-friendly bag from Reliance Products.

Reviewers have had great things to say about how easy it is to use and to empty. They’ve also found that it’s great to have in tents, due to its lack of odor. One unique feature that reviewers have enjoyed is that it has a built in inner splash cover that also functions as a toilet paper holder.

Camco Portable Toilet

The Camco Portable Toilet is a solid and highly rated two piece portable toilet. It is a contender to be the best portable toilet on our list. It can hold up to 5.3 gallons and has a detachable holding tank.

At 11.5 lbs, when empty, it has a typical weight for a larger portable toilet. This portable toilet has a reputation for being sturdy and claims to have a weight capacity of 330 lbs.

This top-rated portable toilet comes with a pack of de-odorizers. It also features sliding valves to prevent any waste leakage and to keep the odor contained. Reviewers who used it for camping had very positive reviews for this portable toilet. It is a flushing portable toilet and can hold up to 2.5 gallons of water in the flush tank.


Portable toilets are great for campers, hikers, and anyone who loves the outdoors. They’re also a great fit for RVers, those who own wood cabins, and people who just need to get away from the city life sometimes. Having the best portable potty can completely transform your outdoors experience.

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You’ll never have to worry again about finding a place to do your business with any of the five portable toilets on this list. Portable toilets are especially great if you or your friends aren’t comfortable with using the great outdoors as a giant bathroom. With any of these best portable toilets, you can go anywhere you want to!

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