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**update – some people asked me if I was using the¬†bathroom when my boyfriend took a shower, I was not ūüėČ

My Little Bathroom Story

Hello. I’m Jesse.¬†I spend a lot of time in my bathroom. Time on the potty, time in the shower, time doing my makeup, and time painting my toenails. (and yes I still use the word potty) I have lived in my apartment for several years but making my bathroom look pretty was never a priority.

One day I was looking around my bathroom and realized I hated it.  None of the colors matched.  There was a green floor mat under the sink, a pink hand towel hanging on the ring by the medicine cabinet, a large brown towel my boyfriend** must have just used and tossed on the floor, and a dark green mat under my toes as I sat on the potty.

I realized that a lot to home decorating is for me and not for others. ¬†My guests usually end up looking in my bathroom but I always thought they would excuse any decorating disasters in there because… its a bathroom. Well after my bathroom awakening I realized there really are two kinds of people in the world. ¬†The kind that take care of their bathroom and the kind that don’t.

I would look around at my friends apartments and realize most of them were like me. But some had spectacular bathrooms.  When I asked them why they spent time making their bathrooms look great they said it was a combination of being more efficient and making it look good for personal reasons.

Anyway, welcome to ShinyReviews. ¬†I tell you cool bathroom ideas I got from digging in to this and becoming an expert on it. I’m proud to say I now have an awesome bathroom. ¬†Everything is in order. ¬†It looks like a bathroom that belongs in a magazine somewhere.

How I make Money

Yes, I make money with this website. Its one of the reasons I keep writing new articles. ¬†When you click on a product link it will go to a store. Usually that store will be amazon. ¬†When you buy something at that store they will send me a percent of that income. ¬†I will try and remind you of this throughout the blog. ¬†I think it is important that you know I make money when you take one of my suggestions. It doesn’t sway my suggestions (frankly amazon has all of every product so it doesn’t help me that much to suggest you one product over another), but anyway you should know.


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